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Are you smoking a pack or more a day, or you haven’t stopped smoking longer than a few hours? Hypnosis can be highly effective for smoking cessation. 

Work with Hypnotist Philadelphia.We take pride in working with the most difficult of smokers to help them quit, with hypnosis. Hypnosis helps to replace unnatural and unhealthy addictive desires with strong, positive thinking that aids a smoker in making better health choices. 

While under hypnosis, the client may be invited to express what they know of the dangerous health consequences of smoking.  The belief is that the patient will be more cognizant of the three critical principles of quitting smoking: 

1.         Smoking poisons the human body

2.         The body is needed to live

3.         You must protect your body to the extent that you would prefer to live 

 Most hypnotherapists will teach their client to hypnotize themselves.  This may include everything from audio and video to journaling therapy.  It is also possible to locate self-hypnosis videos on YouTube. 

Your hypnotherapy session will start with your therapist asking about your medical history and why you are there.  They will then explain what hypnosis is and what it can do for you, and take you through your first induction. 

Your sessions will usually be about one hour.  Your therapist will most likely teach you some techniques that you may use on your own, at home, to strengthen your experiences. 

While hypnotherapy will continue as long as required, the majority of clients experience to progress within about four sessions. While under hypnosis, the mind is in a highly suggestible Alpha state.  This is the perfect time to deliver suggestions for making more positive health choices. 

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