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"Public Speaking" is listed as most people's number one fear. 

Regardless of whether you are making a speech at a wedding, giving a professional presentation, or speaking in front of a small number of people, speaking in public may make you shake, cause your mind to go blank, and make you feel nauseous. 

At the time, you are certain that it is not possible to speak coherently and eloquently.  Your mind is trying to make your body run away as fast as it can. 

It’s very common for people to feel nervous about delivering a presentation or speech in public, but if you have a social anxiety disorder (SAD), the anxiety level about public speaking will try to take over your life. Company Name helps in reducing public speaking anxiety or social anxiety disorder (SAD). 

SAD Symptoms include: 

* Shortness of breath/inability to speak

* Shaking/Sweating/Shaky voice

* Rapid breathing/nausea/blushing

* Tight chest/mental blocks/feeling nervous

* Panicky feeling/feeling embarrassed 

If you must speak in public, give serious consideration to utilizing hypnotherapy to relieve the fear and instill levels of confidence and relaxation. 

The goal of Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is to uncover the source of the fear and anxiety - by gaining access to the part of your brain that triggers the feelings - and assist you in changing your responses.  

Advantages of hypnotherapy: 

* Control your nerves and remove fear

* Create a powerful public speaking persona

* Improve voice projection and modulation

* Use body language to create empathy with your audience

* Discover your authentic voice and inspire and influence others 

If you experience sweaty palms, dizziness shakes, dry mouth, stuttering, face going red, heart racing, anxiety and other related symptoms common with Public Speaking anxiety and “nerves”, call us and we will help you with our Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking techniques. 

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