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In order for our bodies to heal, regenerate and function properly day by day, it is important that we get sufficient sleep. Should we find ourselves unable to sleep because we feel anxious, excited, or roused by a bad dream, we can usually go back to a normal sleep pattern when these feelings have passed.  

For some people, though, inability to sleep is far too common, seriously affecting the physical, mental and emotional functioning of many individuals.

Hypnotist Philadelphia successfully treats many types of sleep issues. 

Types of disruptive sleep disorders (parasomnias) and sleep movement disorders we treat include: 

* Confusional arousals (feeling disoriented when waking up)

* Restless legs syndrome

* Sleepwalking

* Sleep paralysis

* Nightmare disorder

* Nocturnal Enuresis (bedwetting)

* Night terrors/Sleep terrors

* Sleep Eating Disorder 

Hypnotherapy is all about changing patterns of behavior, and that is why it works so effectively as a treatment for many sleep disorders. Hypnosis is a specialized technique, not a therapy in itself, and should be used as an adjunctive intervention within a complete psychological and medical treatment package. 

Acute and chronic insomnia are frequently cured with relaxation and hypnotherapy approaches as well as sleep hygiene instructions. Hypnotherapy is frequently used to relieve nightmares and sleep, terrors. Some have reported great success in using hypnotherapy to treat parasomnias, specifically for head and body rocking, bedwetting, and sleepwalking. 

Hypnosis removes the obstacles to sleep, while, at the same time, inducing brain wave patterns that promote and are conducive to sleep. 

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