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It is perfectly normal for one to feel angry when frustrated, abused or attacked. 

Failing to manage anger effectively can lead to mental and physical health problems. You may find that your anger issues are affecting your relationships, your work, or even your self-esteem. 

If you feel angry a great deal of the time, or tend to lash out at people, you may have an "anger management" issue that can be tremendously relieved with the help of a professional. Hypnotist Philadelphia is very experienced in anger management. 

One of our hypnotherapists will work with you to discover the underlying issues that may be the source of your temper problems. Once the underlying cause has been established, there are many techniques available to your hypnotherapist to aid you in relieving the thought processes that generate excessive anger.  You may take part in relaxation exercises or suggestions being made to your subconscious mind. 

How many appointments you may need will be determined by your specific circumstances. Your hypnotherapist will show you how to hypnotize yourself so that you may use these relaxation techniques at home or whenever you feel stress or excessive anger. 

Advantages of hypnotherapy: 

•           Feeling more relaxed and 'laid back' in general

•           Less likely to be roused to anger

•           Can quickly calm yourself down when you do get angry

•           Can think much more clearly and calmly

•           Feeling more in control

•           Relationships with everyone begin to improve 

Exercise is well known for reducing stress and can be an integral part of anger management. As well as boosting your mood, exercise promotes sleep and relaxation. This can be really helpful during your anger management treatment. If you don't exercise already, speak to our doctor about what exercises you can try. 

In addition to Anger Issues, our Hypnotherapy Services can also deal with: 

* Weight Loss

* Stop Smoking

* Fears and Phobias

* Stress and Anxiety

* Sleep Issues

* Social Anxiety or Public Speaking

* Athletic or Sports Performance

* Pain Management

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